Yes! It's a great value and it is Graceland University's policy that all designated Campus Residents purchase a meal plan each semester. There are several options available that fit every student’s dining habits and lifestyle.

They are carried over from the fall to the spring when a new meal plan is purchased in the spring. They are not carried over from year to year.

Yes! Changing to a bigger or smaller meal plan can be done during the first week of scheduled classes each semester. You can change you meal plan online CLICK HERE!

GBUCKS are a smart and easy way to make purchases at any dining location on campus and at participating Lamoni-area restaurants and merchants. GBUCKS are stored on your Student ID Card.

Flex Points are cash values included in some meal plans. They work like a pre-paid debit card with funds kept on your Student ID Card. Flex Points may be used at any on-campus dining location and are only available for use as long as the student is currently enrolled and eligible for a meal plan.

Meal plan meals may be used weekly Sunday thru Saturday. Any meals not used during that week do not carry over to the next week. You will have your allotted meal plan weekly amount of meals again on Sunday. (19, 14, 10, 5 pending the meal plan you have selected)

If you live off-campus, you can purchase a traditional meal plan through Residence Life located in the Memorial Student Center. We have also designed a special meal plan just for you called “5 Meal Plan”.

GBUCKS activity fee payments are carried over from the fall to spring as long as no portion of the activity fee was refunded to you. Any remaining balance at the end of the academic year is removed. GBUCKS payments made online or at any food service register carry over from year to year as long as you are a currently enrolled student, staff, faculty member or a member of the Graceland University community.

Our Full Meal Plans, the 19 Meal Plan, 14 Meal Plan, and 10 Meal Plan all cost the same. Our Half Meal Plan, the 5 Meal Plan is a different price and is only avaliable to students living in the campus apartments or off campus. For current price information on meal plans please contact Residence Life at 641-784-5494.

Yes. The Commons has many options that meet the needs of students with food allergies or special dietary needs. We suggest that you set up an appointment with the Chef when you arrive to campus to discuss how we can best meet your individual needs.